Shopping for Storage How to Sniff Out the Best Bet

    Warehouses for rent

    Whether you’re looking for rv storage or just a place to stick some boxes of books you don’t have room for, choosing self-storage units can be daunting. They all pretty much look the same (at least on the surface) and pricing is competitive. In order to figure out which facility to use, you might want to consider these five basic “choosing storage unit tips.”

  • Amazing Customer Service
    It shouldn’t be too terribly difficult to figure out who you’re dealing with when you first contact a facility, even if it isn’t in person. All exchanges should be courteous and friendly, and any questions should be answered with efficiency. If you detect any sort of evasiveness or see evidence of rampant disorganization in view, move on.
  • Strong Managerial Presence
    If you’re v Continue Reading