You Don’t Have To Put Up With Old Car Smell, There’s a Simple Fix

    Custom carpets

    A typical ounce of carpet dust will contain anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 dust mites. And if that sounds disgusting, we’ve got more bad news: your car can contain up to 17,000 times more bacteria than your home! Yes, 17,000 times more.
    If you’re struggling with that old car smell, then it’s almost certainly your carpets. You can try replacing the air conditioning filters and airing out the vehicles, but years of heavy use, inclement weather, and natural wear and tear get caked inside your car flooring and trunk mats. And if you’re a smoker or pet owner, the problem is 10 times worse.
    Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for all of these problems, one that will not only make your car look and smell like new, but one that will actually increase its resale value. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of this s Continue Reading