What You Don’t Know About Your Car Brakes Could Hurt You

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    Car Breaks are the one thing that stands between you and a lot of very dangerous situations. Did you know that the average lifespan of a break pad is between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. This range depends heavily on how you maintain your car and the level of care it receives. Keeping up with your brake pads and other auto maintenance items can keep you from real trouble.

    What should you expect.
    The first step in diagnosing when something is wrong is knowing what to expect in the first place. How could you know that cheap car radiators are ruining your vehicles if you don’t know how it is supposed to operate in the first place? So, when it comes to brakes, brake discs should be shiny and have two thin grooves in each disc. The grooves should be shallow. If this isn’t what you see when you see b Continue Reading

    Replacing Your Ball Joints? Here’s What You Should Know First

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    Ball joints are crucial components to the suspension and steering of your car. Before you can understand how to replace ball joints, it’s important to understand how they work.

    Ball joints attach to the wheel hub of your car where your wheel, tire, and the rest of your suspension is mounted. This area needs to rotate horizontally and vertically for both steering and shock absorption, so ball joints are employed to allow the system to move how it needs to.

    Cars have two or four ball joints on the front wheels depending on the strut style and whether or not shocks and springs are employed. Ball joints may be load-bearing or non-load bearing depending on their placement, so if you’re shopping for discount auto parts online or in a shop, make sure you know exactly what style you’re looking for. Continue Reading