Tesla Plans to Sell Pre-Owned Cars

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    The number of used cars for sale in the United States is typically extremely high, with an estimated 3.3 million vehicles available at any given point. However, with used cars prices rapidly decreasing, these sales have only increased as consumers take advantage of affordable deals. Now, an unexpected company appears to be looking to take advantage of this trend: Tesla, the luxury electric car manufacturer.

    Despite the attention Tesla drew after releasing the Tesla Roadster, the first fully electric sportscar, the company has had significant difficulty transitioning from a promising startup into an independent automaker. This has been especially pressing for the co Continue Reading

    Will Google Be Ready To Sell Self-Driving Cars in 2017?

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    Stephen Hawking warned scientists — and the world — that scenarios in popular science fiction films may not be that far-fetched. According Hawking’s article in The Independent, fine-tuning artificial intelligence may be “the biggest event in human history” and, he cryptically adds, “the last.” What kinds of technology have Hawking so concerned?

    The Truth About Google’s Self-Driving Cars

    Among the current technology that concerned him, Hawking listed the robot who won Jeopardy and a technology that consumers are likely to directly come into contact with — Google’s self-driving cars. Is there any merit to Hawking’s concerns? Are self-driving cars dangerous?

    Experts agree; the answer is no. In fact, Google’s automated cars have a better track r Continue Reading