DIY Plumbing is Possible With a Bit of Self Teaching

    Hose clamp sizes

    Doing a DIY plumbing project can be a significant undertaking, but when you figure out what you’re doing and what you need to do it, it’s really not that challenging. The key is to be totally informed as well as prepared to call a plumber just in case something goes extremely wrong.

    When you’re fixing your own plumbing you will probably come across a circumstance where you need a hose clamp. It’s hard to imagine why you wouldn’t. Hose clamps are frequently used in cars and in the plumbing system of homes. The job of a hose clamp is to make sure that the pressure is even on all sides of a hose without there being any gaps. They’re totally capable of handling up to moderate pressure, but not much above that.

    There are a few differen Continue Reading

    How Regular Auto Maintenance Can Prevent Major Problems


    Most people are not aware that as car owners, they face a simple choice: maintenance now, or repairs later. Regular, low cost maintenance can play a big role in avoiding the need for expensive repairs down the line. That’s because when you bring in your car for routine oil changes, the auto shop inspects all vital systems to make sure that everything is running properly. If they find a problem, they can warn you that extra work is needed, such as transmission repair.

    Regular maintenance means fewer repairs
    New technology had made it easier than ever to keep up with your car’s regular maintenance. The golden rule with oil changes used to be an oil change every 3,000 miles. Now auto shops can use oil life monitors to tell when the next oil change is due. By 2013, nearly half or 16 Continue Reading

    New Museum to Honor Carroll Shelby to Open This Year


    If you love cars, you know about Carroll Shelby. The legendary race driver and developer of the Shelby Cobra remains a hero to many road and track enthusiasts. Decades after his muscle cars were taken off of the market, the Shelby Cobra kit cars are still popular among racing aficionados.

    Now a museum is being opened to celebrate the life of the famed driver. As reported by the Robb Report, the Carroll Shelby Automotive Museum and Snake Pit Lounge are scheduled to open later this spring. These will be located in Gardena, California. The site is the current site for the Carroll Shelby Internationalandrsquo;s current engine factory and administrative facilities.

    The complex is expected to take up a full Continue Reading

    4 Reasons Why Honda Sales Are On the Rise

    Honda dealersHonda dealers are rejoicing upon learning that American Honda sales are at an all-time high. While American car sales have been strong in recent months, even JD Power didn’t anticipate how successful the month of December would be.

    In the last month of 2016, 1.6 million units were sold, and both American and Japanese manufacturers saw year-over-year sales increases.

    American Honda Motor Company reportedly sold 1,637,942 Honda and Acura vehicles throughout 2016, increasing their sales by 3.2% from the previous year.

    “2016 was a very rewarding year for American Honda in which we set a second consecutive all-time sales record while maintaining our unique focus on retail sales to individual buyers,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of the Automobile Division of American Honda. “We are going to build on this success with a continued focus on strong products and sound sales strategies that increase quality and value for our customers.”

    Honda has been successfully manufacturing strong, reliable products for decades, with both the Honda and Acura brands under its belt. But why do people buy Hondas? What makes these vehicles so worthwhile?

    1. Honda values safety
      In 2013, Honda earned more IIHS safety ratings than any other manufacturer, and their products are consistently ranked in the top tier.
    2. Hondas maintain their value
      Hondas are built to last. The 2013 Accord, Civic, CR-V, and Fit were all given the award “Best Resale Value” by Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Image Awards. These cars stand up over the years. So whether you’re buying a new car or a used one, you’re always sure to have made a great investment and are sure to enjoy driving your Honda for years to come. While 23% of all new car sales were leases in 2013, many these cars are being sold as pre-owned and are still in great shape.
    3. Hondas are sustainable
      Hondas are some of the most eco-friendly cars on the market. Their natural gas and hybrid models allow flexibility at the gas pump and all models get more miles to the gallon compared to most competitors.
    4. Hondas are family friendly
      The 2016 Honda Odyssey was rated Best Minivan for the Money and Best Minivan for Families by U.S. News and World Report. All Hondas have high-grade interior builds, and the SUVs and minivans are spacious enough to accommodate a crowd comfortably.

    For a great deal on a new or used Honda, visit the Airport Honda dealership today.

    Vehicle Neglect Costs The United States $2 Billion Every Year What You Can Do About It

    Used tires grand rapids

    Tires are one of the most stressed out areas in your car. They’re constantly attempting to keep you from slipping, work in tandem with your brakes to circumvent crashes and are essential to maintaining a proper speed and traction through whatever the weather throws at you. As such, it’s imperative you keep a proactive attitude and take good care of your tires — due to the constant wear and tear they’re susceptible to everything from under-inflation to tread loss to even popping if not checked.

    What Is Vehicle Neglect?

    This is one of the most important issues you should know about if you’re a car owner. Neglecting vehicles has been found to cost the economy a whopping $2 billion every single year, ranging from damages caused from crashes to medical bills resulting f Continue Reading

    Increase Your Options and Purchase a Used Vehicle

    Advantages of buying a new car

    Are you aware that the United States automobile industry is one of the largest industries in this country? Currently, there are over 1.5 million people involved with designing, engineering, manufacturing, and supplying parts and components.

    In addition to the industry being a major employer, it is also bringing in a considerable amount of revenue. In 2016, for example, new vehicle sales in the United States continued to attain an unprecedented level for the sixth year in a row. At that time, 17.5 million were sold, which was a record number of sales.

    If you’re in the market for a new car, you may be interested in one or more of the 16 brands associated with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The top ones are Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati.

    You may be interest Continue Reading

    5 Tips to Help You Really Clean the Carpeting and Floor Mats in Your Vehicle


    Cleaning out the car is often a task that many people put off until it becomes absolutely unbearable to look at your dirty floor mats any longer. While it’s not uncommon to put off cleaning your car, it is something that can affect both you and your car.
    If you still don’t want to clean the custom cut carpet in your car, maybe these tips will help. Get ready for the easiest car carpet cleaning you’ll ever do!
    Clean out the Garbage
    The first step in cleaning your auto carpets is to clean off all of the larger pieces of debris. Whether your car is filled withe candy wrappers, water bottles, or even dirty clothes, you need to get it all off of the floor. While you’re cleaning, don’t forget to recycle those plastic water bot Continue Reading

    How Confident Are You In Your Marketing Strategy?

    Custom truck wraps

    Are you looking for some catchy advertisements to get your brand out in a competitive market? It’s time to look beyond the surface for the less conventional options. Vinyl wraps for vehicles are a fantastic way of getting more eyes on your business, seen by a wide variety of people and flexible enough to appear almost anywhere. With Americans always on the move and businesses large and small doing their best to stay relevant in the coming years, you’ll want to make available every tool in your arsenal.

    Did You Know?

    Not too familiar with vinyl wraps for vehicles? Let’s start off the list with some lesser known facts. The average American, for starters, has traveled Continue Reading

    Tips for Selecting the Best Used Vehicle

    Used cars for sale

    You can often find a good deal on a used car. There are so many makes and models of used cars that you are sure to find what you are looking for. Used cars also range in age, with the amount of mileage having a direct impact on the price. It is even possible to purchase high end used cars for sale. However, when shopping for high end used cars for sale, consider the following buying points to ensure that you are getting a good deal.

    Look over financing terms It is likely that you are counting on financing for your high end used cars for sale. Waiting until you find a vehicle you want to apply for financing can be a mistake. Although dealerships often provide their own source of financing, it usually comes with higher interest rates and financing charges. Do your shopping for loans pr Continue Reading

    What Consumers Are Looking at With Their Cars These Days

    Used car dealerships in harrisonburg va

    The United States is a nation that loves their cars and relies on them to get around, perhaps more than any other nation in the world. There are new advances in every year — from rearview cameras to help with backing up, night vision, automatic braking for better safety, and so much more. Our cars are part of our everyday life, helping us get from place to place, carrying our families and possessions, allowing us a livelihood. Car ownership is often one of the first big expenses a person will have in their life. We’ve all had those used cars that we i Continue Reading

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