Why Not Commute to Work Riding a Honda Motorcycle or Scooter?

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    Motorcycles and scooters are both popular vehicles in the United States. In 2015, for example, over 500,000 motorcycles were sold. It’s important to note that this reflected a 3.55% increase over the previous year’s sales. While many consumers have purchased multiple motorcycles over the years, 22% of the people that recently purchased a motorcycle for sale were first-time buyers. Furthermore, more Baby Boomers than Millennials own motorcycles, and recent figures indicate that this is at a four-to-one ratio.

    On average, motorcyclists will go riding a minimum of 100 days every year. This includes commuting to work and for recreational and other purposes. In addition to enjoying the feel of rid Continue Reading

    Three Reasons to Install Backup Cameras

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    One of the crucial parts of driving is going in reverse. It’s not like in the movies where the drivers seamlessly maneuver in reverse for miles, going the wrong way on a one-way street. In real life, reverse is used in parking, connecting to trailers or equipment, and trying to pull into or out of the flow of traffic. Most people, thankfully, will never need the crazy driving skills of professionals and will never use reverse for any considerable distance. That doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. In fact, accidents happen all the time while people are going in reverse, even just for short distances. Installing a trailer backup camera or wireless rear view camera can help decrease the number of accidents. Here are the top three reasons to install a trailer backup camera.

    1. People are injured or even ki Continue Reading

    Looking for RV Storage Centers 4 Tips to Help you Choose

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    Almost any house that you buy nowadays has a garage, that is used for either storage or cars. In fact, according to Quora, roughly 66% of U.S. homes have one, but that doesn’t mean they are free of clutter, household goods, vehicles or other necessities. The use of a garage has become increasingly popular meaning outside storage methods are becoming more necessary. There are approximately five times more storage facilities in the U.S. then there are Starbucks facilities, with the number averaging over 50,000. Numerous facilities make it hard to determine the best place to store seasonal vehicles like your RV. RVs tend to get used more during the spring and summer months, meaning the winter and fall months they are stored away. Properly winterizing your RV and choosing the correct RV storage center can keep Continue Reading