3 Things to Consider When Buying a Car

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    If you’re in the market for a new car, you may very well be paying a visit to your local auto dealer. If you’re bracing yourself for the sales pitch, you can rest a little easier — non commissioned car sales are on the rise, so the car salesman is there to provide information and advice, instead of trying to land a sale as part of his or her income. The rise of non commissioned car sales is positive for you as the customer as well, since you may feel less pressured when you visit a car dealer. Checking out used cars or vehicles online is also an option for you when thinking about getting a new vehicle. There’s more than one place to go these days when you’re in the market, and each option has its advantages and drawbacks.

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    Are You Worried about the Driving Habits of Your Teenager?

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    Being a parent is not easy. Even when your teenager has never caused you any problem, the transition to being a driver can be challenging. If you have a teen that has a history of using drugs or alcohol, that challenge is amplified many times over. One way that some parents deal with the challenge of having their teenager transition into their driving years is through the use of products offered by ignition interlock companies. Knowing that your young driver is not able to even start the car until they pass a drug and alcohol breath test can make those hours when your child is away less stressful.
    As worried as teenage parents are about the young drivers in their home, we all know that driving under the influence is not only a problem for teenagers and other young drivers. Driving under the inf Continue Reading

    How to choose the right dealership for your next car purchase

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    Whether you are looking to upgrade your old vehicle or want to snag a second car for your growing family, buying a car is a big deal. And if you are like 84 percent of customers, according to Autotrader’s Car Buyer of the Future study, you prefer to sign on the dotted line in person. But what is supposed to be exciting and rewarding can easily become stressful and a hassle if you don’t select the right car dealership. We have got everything to help you pick the perfect place of purchase below, from whether it has an auto body shop to what the salespeople are like.

    Pay attention to the overall appearance.
    First impressions are important…and we aren’t just talking about with people. How the dealership is maintained and kept up says a lot about the level of care and service they provide. Continue Reading