Tips for Getting a Car Loan with Bad Credit


    Do you need to buy a car but have bad credit? Many people assume they will not be able to buy a car with bad credit but that is simply not true. While subprime loans got a bad name because of the housing collapse a few years ago, people whose credit is not great can get subprime auto leads that will actually help them rebuild their credit rating and score.

    1. Take a look at your credit.

    Before you go anywhere to look for a loan to buy a new or used car, you need to get real about your credit situation. You can have your credit report pulled so that you can see what lenders see when they look you up. This may not be a fun process but it is an important step to getting your loan.

    While looking at your credit report can be painful, you should know that yo Continue Reading

    Why You Should Check Your Tire Rotation And Inflation As Soon As Possible

    Check engine light

    Do you know what your check engine light is telling you? If you’re not quite sure, it’s time to visit with your local auto repair and give your car a proverbial check-up. Just like people cars are suceptible to all sorts of minor issues and frustrations, many of which can compoud when not properly addressed over a long period of time. When you consider winter is coming up, you can expect everyone is going to get sick soon! Vehicle neglect is a frustrating issue in the United States and one that can easily be mediated by a little awareness. Below is a simple list on all the basics you should keep in mind before it starts snowing, to better keep yourself and others safe on the open road.

    Tire Rotation And Brakes

    Before you get to what your check engine light is telling you Continue Reading

    How to Find the Right Auto Financing

    New truck

    Are you looking for the right auto financing options? With so much that goes into financing, it can be difficult to really understand what you should look for when you are getting a car. Car dealers use auto financing to help you get cars, but the wrong deal can leave you in a mess that you don?t want to be in.

    Look into Your Loan Before You Get the Car

    Most dealers are now recommending that you get a loan from a credit union, bank or even the auto financing dealers themselves. When you shop for a loan, you can see what options are best for you.

    Most people recommend that you look online for these loans. Applying f Continue Reading

    Why You Should Sell Your Corvette Now

    Classic corvette dealers

    So if you are tired of your Corvette and want to sell it, you are probably wondering where you should go. Well, this is no surprise since you want to maximize your profits for having such a wanted sports car. In the American-traditional world, the Corvette is a staple piece. It reminds so many people of the times when technology was limited and social interactions had to be done in person. It?s a nostalgia thing and it?s bringing more people into the market. If you are looking to sell your Corvette, it?s imperative that you do it now while the demand is so high.

    Sell Your Corvette at a Dealer Rather Than Online or Auctions

    There are so many ways to sell a Corvette and it?s difficult to know where you should sell it for a great profit. The best place if you are wonder Continue Reading

    Are You Planning a Few More Fall RV Vacations for Your Family?

    Electric over hydraulic trailer brakes

    Finally fall.
    The last few days have been unusually hot, but finally fall has arrived. It is a couple of days after the official first day of the season, but the temperatures this morning finally make it feel like the fall weather is here to stick around for awhile. With the cooler temperatures the leaves will soon change colors. And the fall color is the perfect time for a few more weekend trips with the RV and the family.
    The longer the camping season extends, however, the more important the safety features on a recreational vehicle are. Fall trips mean that the sun is rising later and setting earlier. More hours of darkness increase the need to be extra careful when you are traveling with your family and pulling a large vehicle.
    What Safety Features Have You Added Continue Reading

    Four Tips for Buying a Lifted Truck

    Puyallup ford dealer

    Are you researching pre-owned lifted trucks with the hopes of making one your own? Pre-owned lifted trucks offer their owners the best of all worlds: pre-owned lifted trucks can handle any terrain and road that you want to drive down. Pre-owned lifted trucks have engines that make a soul-fulfilling purr, even when they idle. And while most lifted trucks come with a price tag as tall as the height you have to climb to get into the cab, pre-owned lifted trucks cost a fraction of what new vehicles run you. People who know and love trucks appreciate us Continue Reading

    Dynamic Message SignsAdvertising to the Fullest

    Grid powered dynamic message signs

    Dynamic message signs on the road are a tremendously successful way for a business to get the word out to potential customers. A billboard situated on a busy highway will be read by more than 37% of people driving by. With people spending an average of 20 hours a week driving, billboards that display a message are often seen, and very often remembered.

    Message signs on the side of the road can be used for advertising as well as for warnings pertaining to upcoming traffic or even inclement weather. The driver’s eye will often be caught by a variable message sign located on the side of the road. Half of the drivers passing by will notice and benefit from the directional information it displays. In addition, variable message signs are also used to let driv Continue Reading

    Amazon Enters Into the World of Online Car Shopping

    Used cars for sale in tacoma

    The ecommerce superstore,, is entering into yet another industry, with the introduction of Amazon Vehicles, a car finder and compare site.

    “Amazon Vehicles is a great resource for customers who are interested in car information or looking for a broad selection of parts and accessories,” said Adam Goetsch, director of automotive at Amazon. “All enhanced by the ability to tap into the knowledge, opinions, and experiences of other car owners within the Amazon customer community.

    According to The Washington Post, Amazon isn’t necessarily getting into the care sales business, but they are offering innovative new ways to buy new and used cars from new and Continue Reading

    Fall Car Checklist 5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for the Cold

    Mercedes maintenance

    Summer is officially coming to an end, and cooler temperatures are on the horizon. Although you’ll soon have to ready your car for winter weather, there are some steps you should take to make sure your car is prepared for autumn, too. You probably got a lot of use out of your car during the summer: now it’s time to take care of some neglected business and plan ahead for the seasonal changes. Here are five ways you and auto repair experts can prepare your car for the fall.

    1. Clean Up
      The first step on this list won’t require an appointment with an auto service center — this one’s all you. It’s easy to let dirt and trash accumulate in your car with all the summertime activities you’ve no doubt enjoyed over t Continue Reading

    Three Common Mustang Suspension Problems

    95 mustang gt parts

    Ford mustangs have long been popular cars for those who like style and speed. Engine power ranges form 101-390 horsepower creating a sleek design with excellent handling and quick speed. Due to this mustangs have always been a strong selling car from the time they were first produced. Mustangs sold well over 418,000 mustangs by the time of their one-year anniversary. These cars have a strong selling rate whether buying brand new or buying used. Whether buying used and repairing your mustang suspension or restoring an older model, look for these common mustang suspension problems.

    Lack of Proper Balance

    Many people with sports cars are known for their fast driving, but this habit can cause a host of problems for your Continue Reading

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