The Easy Tire Checklist For Every Stage

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    Almost everyone drives in the U.S. The freedom to go wherever, whenever, is alluring. But that wanderlust is tempered with the responsibility of properly maintaining your car. One essential component of routine maintenance is caring for the tires. Read below for some basic tips on what to do for every stage in the life of your car’s tires.

    How to Find the Right Tires.

    When looking at tires, take a look at the sidewalls. The sidewalls are printed with information about the tire, including what type of vehicle it is meant for as well as the psi. It is important to make a note of the Department of Transportation (DOT) to ensure each tire adheres to safety standards. The code tells customers who manufactured the t Continue Reading

    Why You Should Buy A Used Car

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    The fact of the matter is that most people need a car to get to work, take their kids to school, and buy groceries. Only a few cities in the country lend themselves to a really car-less existence, thanks to urban planners in the 50s who thought that the car was the future. Talking about a self fulfilling prophecy. Infrastructure and urban layouts have made this a reality, and cars are expensive.

    Solution: visit a used car dealership. Previously used cars may have a stigma, but they really shouldn’t, because they are in fact a much better deal than a brand new car. Check out why here:

    SustainabilityContinue Reading

    RV Camping and Weekend Boating Trips Can Become a Habit!

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    The wild water skiing and tubing days were a blast. Your three grown children and your two younger nieces treasured the times you were able to spend together camping and boating. The location never mattered as much as the company. You spent weekends together at small lakes in Iowa and large lakes in south Dakota. The trips began at a time when the young nieces were a little nervous about leaving their parents for a four day weekend. By the time the trips ended, the nieces were high schoolers and often prompted the planning of the next outing.
    These days those young nieces are in college and your oldest son has ownership of the ski boat. You and your wife have different plans. The kids and the nieces still have plans to camp and boat together at least one weekend this summer, but you and your wife will Continue Reading

    3 Cool Custom Jobs to Make Your Ride Stand Out

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    For some people, the vehicles they own are just giant metal machines to safely take them where they need to go. That’s fine, after all, that is their primary function. But for some other people, the vehicles that they own are an extension of their personality. Something more important to them than the place they call home or even the significant other they call, “babe.”

    Car lovers are an interesting breed but they are here to stay. Say what you will about them, they are some of the most passionate people in the entire world. For some car lovers, ever since they were little kids, they have wanted that dream car.

    Dropping a few hundred thousand dollars on a few Lamborghini’s just isn’t an option for most people, unfortunately. However, there are plenty of ways to turn whatever vehicle y Continue Reading

    Protect Your Truck Using Spray On Bedliners to Your Advantage

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    The new wave of protection for pickup trucks has come through and is now being used wisely. Spray on bedliners are providing truck owners with the option of being able to protect the inside of the truck bed with a spray on liner, rather than having to go with something that was pre-made and then placed inside the bed of the truck. While you might have thought these pre-made ones were the best to go with, the results of using spray on bedliners has come in, and it shows that it has increased and became one of the best ways to protect your truck and your bed.

    Achieve the Perfect Look and Protection

    There Continue Reading

    For Work or Play, Golf Carts Meet Many Needs

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    While the term “golf” precedes the cart, these 1,000 lb. vehicles powered by a 4-stroke engine can be used for so much more than carrying your clubs and a cold one around the course. These extremely fuel efficient or even electric models can provide transportation in so many other businesses and for numerous occasions.
    There are many uses for refurbished golf carts. Here are just a few uses for pre-owned golf carts that go beyond the back nine.

    • School athletic departments. From the athletic director to the athletic trainer to the teacher taking gate to the concessions manager. Everyone needs to get to and from their work areas on large high school campus, especially when multiple games or tennis matches are happening at the same time. And since school budgets don’t always a Continue Reading