Nighttime Driving Sees 40% Of All Fatal Car Accidents Headlight Lens Restoration

    Headlight lens restoration

    How often do you give your car a check-up? I don’t mean occasionally checking the window-wipers for insects or poking the tires before a trip to the grocery store — a car that isn’t in proper shape could put you and others at risk for accidents on the open road, even with something as seemingly negligible like a broken mirror or uneven tire rotation. Headlight lens restoration is a section of car repair that deals with headlight renewal, giving your car the tools it needs to help you see clearly and consistently no matter the time of day or night. Due to nighttime being one of the most dangerous places to drive, in spite of reduced car activity, being proactive and technologically savvy is key to staying safe no matter what. Let’s take a look.

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    6 Automotive Trends Taking the Industry By Night Vision and Day

    Car inspection harrisonburg va

    With car manufacturers such as General Motors, owner of Chevrolet and Cadillac, producing nearly 10 million cars and trucks in a given year, the auto market is inundated with choices. From vehicles made for speed to those equipped with night vision technology, there isn’t much consumers can’t find in today’s new and used car market. What’s all the rage this year? Read about these six hot trends in the automotive industry to find out. Who knows, you may discover your next great ride in the process.

    1. Faster is (still) better

      Now that gas prices have eased, with the national average coming in at just over $2 per gallon, fuel efficiency is taking a back seat to performance. High-performance sports cars like the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan with its supercharged 6.2 lit Continue Reading

    Is Your Vehicle Ready for a Transmission Check Up?

    Maintenance services

    The transmission repair saved your family a lot of money. Although it seemed like an expensive repair at first, it enable you to drive the van for another 80,000 miles before trading it in. Who would have thought that the van you bought when your oldest daughter started high school would still be part of your family when she graduated from college. With 220,000 miles on it the van helped move her in and out of the dorm for four years straight. The added convenience of not ever having to rent a truck or another van for the moves was a savings as well. The van had been paid in full four years ago and the luxury of not having a car payment all of that time was made college payments that much easier.
    Transmission Repair Can Extend the Life of Your Vehicle
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    3 Reasons to Buy Battery Hybrid Cars

    Honda accord hybrid battery type

    Buying a new or used vehicle is a great opportunity, but it can also be a difficult decision. No matter what kind of car you choose to go with it will likely be one of the most expensive purchases you make in your lifetime. One of the options that’s becoming more and more popular is to buy battery hybrid cars. Cars that run on hybrid batteries are becoming increasingly popular and prevalent as the concern over fossil fuels continues to grow. It also helps the technology to make and manufacture these electric batteries for cars is getting better making it cheaper and easier to implement and pass on to the consumer.

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    Why Now is the Perfect Time to Experience the Benefits of Buying a Used Car From a Used Car Dealer

    Subaru webster ny

    Are you one of the roughly 4.5 million Americans who will be purchasing a within the next year? Nothing beats the feeling of peeling off the dealership’s lot in a new set of shiny wheels, but the costs associated with maintaining a new vehicle, including the tax, title, registration, and insurance costs, can quickly chip away at that new car novelty. So really, is it all worth it?

    In today’s modern times, things are more expensive than every. It’s hard to imagine that a new cell phone can upwards $400 or more, not to mention the high costs of other gadgets and gizmos such as tablets, smart watches, and other electronic devices. Furthermore, the costs of food, clothing, utilities, and other aspects of everyday life are higher than ever, not to mention the astronomical costs of going to college and studen Continue Reading

    Looking at an AC Cobra Kit? Check Out These Facts

    Cobra kit car for sale

    Are you a muscle car fan? Maybe you’re a bit of a mechanic, and you’re interested in buying an AC Cobra kit to assemble one yourself, so you can drive it around and be the envy of everyone. You see it, and you’re on the cusp of buying it, but you’re still not sure. Maybe these awesome facts about Cobra cars will push you over the edge…

    • They are incredibly fast. The Cobra Mark I was fitted with a V8 Ford Windsor engine, which is an immensely powerful engine. The advertised horsepower of the Shelby Mustang GT 500 was 335, but that was a low estimate done for the insurance companies. The true horsepower was much closer to 400. In 1964, a Cobra Coupe was able to reach an astonishing 186 miles Continue Reading

    Don’t Be a Total Cheapskate Make Sure You’re Bringing Your Car in For Routine Maintenance

    Transmission replacement

    It’s never fun to be driving along and realize that you need car repair done. It can often be a really scary realization, especially if something gives out as you’re driving. Things like faulty brakes or a bad transmission absolutely cannot wait for repair — you should get that checked into straight away. However, there are also measures you can take to make sure that you’re never in a situation with a failing transmission or a bad transmission or brakes that have totally given out. Although some people may regard routine maintenance on their vehicle as an u Continue Reading

    Tire Pressure Why Is It Important?

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    Tire pressure is a very important detail to check when you service your vehicle. Your tires are a crucial part of your car, they bring you over 10,000 miles per year! Neglecting vehicles costs the economy over two billion each year, so make sure not to fall behind in your tire maintenance! Here is a beginner’s guide to tire pressure, one of the important auto repair services that should be implemented regularly.

    What is tire pressure?

    Tire pressure measures the amount of air in your tires, in pounds per square inch. You should always keep your tire pressure at the recommended limit stated by your vehicle’s owner manual, and you can easily check this by using a pressure gauge.

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    The Many Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver

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    Everything today seems to be advancing with the main goal of speed. Everyone wants everything quicker, their food at the restaurant, their relationships to begin and even the products they order online or at the store. Shipping companies are always looking for ways to speed up delivery times, and truck drivers never seem to be at a shortage of work. Truck drivers are responsible for constantly transporting these items from one destination to the next. They must meet time quotas and ensure that the deliveries arrive in the same shape they left in. It may seem like a lot of pressure for the truck drivers, however, there are also many benefits of becoming a truck driver.

    Job stability is one of the biggest benefits. Finding the right carrier may be tougher than finding a position as a truck dri Continue Reading