Race Cars from the Beginning til Today

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    The Early Years
    The very first race was between two self powered carriages on August 30, 1867. There was a law against racing in those days and this history making eight mile race was completely in violation. It was not made legal until 1875 when a 200 mile course was set up. However, only the Oshkosh and the Green Bay made it to the finish line.

    The first major transformation from just racing high quality, expensive but regular street cars into actual racers was in the 1930s when streamlined vehicles with supercharges were constructed. The focus was to lighten the weight of the cars as well as upping engine power.

    Most Successful Racer
    Ryan Dalziel is thought to have had the most success during his racing career. Although he was born in Britain, his car Continue Reading

    3 Essential Care Tips for Mercedes Benz Vehicles

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    Do you love your genuine Mercedes Benz? Well, you should. Benz cars are a powerdul and unique machine that should be loved and taken car of, regardless of the year, make, or model. But unlike a person, a car can’t tap you on the shoulder and tell you when it needs a little ‘lovin. Instead, you have to anticipate your car’s wants and needs.
    If you’re new to the car owning business, or if your imagination is a little lacking, don’t worry your pretty little head. Read on to discover the best car care tips for genuine Mercedes Benz.

    Tip Number 1: Take your geniune Mercedes to the doctor
    Humans need regular checkups, and so do cars. Every 10,000 miles, get your oil checked a Continue Reading

    Coach Charter Buses Improve the Economy

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    Coach charter buses have improved tremendously since the horse drawn bus of the 1820s and the steam powered bus introduced in England in the 1830s. Today, charter buses are gasoline powered and are six times more efficient than transit buses at reducing CO2 output and three times more efficient than commuter rail trains.
    Charter bus trips
    account for 751 million trips taken each year and have a rating of over 200 passenger miles per gallon of fuel (MPG). This can be compared to the MPG of passenger cars, commuter railroad, and domestic air carriers that each has a lower rating. Most cars that people drive, by themselves, have an MPG between 25 and 30. Commuter rail gets a little Continue Reading

    Where Is the Best Machining Service to Repair My Power Tools?

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    Although their methods were as opposite as day and night, your father and father-in-law actually had a lot in common when they went to their “shops” to complete their daily tasks. Your husband’s dad was meticulous about the layout and cleanliness of his small engine and repair shop. Every tool had its place and every surface would be wiped down at the end of every day. The lawn mowers, snow blowers, and other small engines that he repaired for paying customers were tagged with the date they came into the shop and the tag numbers were recorded in a hand written ledger that also indicated the day the completed work was promised.
    Your dad’s shop, on the other hand, was equally productive, but much less organized. A young friend of your daughter’s actually asked once, “How long did it take to get this Continue Reading

    3 Crucial Things to Consider Before Restoring a Classic Car

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    If you’ve been watching a lot of those classic car restoration reality shows on TV, chances are you’re already toying with the idea of giving that vintage beauty rotting away in your or your parents’ garage its second wind. With today’s newer models saturating the roads with sleek designs that come standard with ultra-modern features, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to see and ride a classic car from a time when things were simpler.

    If that idea has you hooked and raring to start on your first restoration project — whether you already have the car, or you’re thinking of going out to get one — spend a good amount of time thinking abou Continue Reading

    America’s Chevy Love Affair

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    There is a reason new Chevy dealers are springing up around America. It’s because the Chevrolet remains one of America’s favourite cars. In 2011, there were more than 4.76 million Chevy cars and trucks sold. And it is not only the U.S that loves the iconic car brand; there are Chevy cars for sale in more than two-thirds of the world and one is sold every 6.5 seconds!

    Founded in 1912, the brand has sold over 200 million cars and trucks. The famous bow tie emblem first debuted in 1913. If you took every Chevy sold in 2010 and put it in a line, it would cover more than half the world’s circumference. From Continue Reading

    How Darker Windows Can Help Save Your Skin

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    Nobody necessarily looks forward to a commute, but did you know that if you live in a very sunny area and are constantly in stop and go traffic in direct sun, that your commute could also be bad for your health? You’ve probably felt how hot the sun can make your car’s interior, even with the air conditioning on. You may not realize the power that UV rays have to damage your skin! The sun an also be responsible for bad sun glare that can often lead to accidents. If you’re concerned about these things, an auto window tinting is an easy fix for these issues.Window tinting can also be a good way to protect children from the sun’s effects or keep a vehicle’s passengers incognito.
    What are the Perks of a Window Tinting Service Again?
    Reduced Skin Damage
    In vehicles with auto Continue Reading

    The Perks Of Traveling By Bus Economies, the Environment, and Small Businesses

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    If you are looking for something different to do for a family vacation or just a get-away, consider booking some charter bus tours. While you may picture in your head stuffy buses filled with tourists, you may be surprised to find that these buses incredibly comfortable and easy for you. In addition to the benefits you get (awesome experiences and traveling to new places, for example), you will also be helping boost the local economy at each stop the bus makes. Here are some of the differences charter bus tours can make.

    Charter Bus Tours Boost Local Economies

    Of all the passenger trips taken every year, over 750 million are done by ch Continue Reading