Wedding Day Charter Bus Rentals Advice, Tips, and How To’s

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    Congratulations, he or she asked and he or she said yes. Now it’s time to actually plan the most important day of your life. While many people grow up fantasizing about the perfect white dress, the perfect musical arrangement for the walk down the aisle, and arranging the flowers just so, not many of us grow up fantasizing about the perfect charter bus rentals.
    It might not be the sexiest aspect of wedding planning, but arranging group transportation for your wedding party is a crucial part of the big day. Unfortunately, some brides and grooms neglect this portion of the party planning until it’s almost too late, forcing them to make do with merely adequate transportation.
    So as soon as you can, set aside some time to discuss and plan for your transportation. If you plan on serving booze, and especially Continue Reading

    3 Reasons to Check Out Your Local Chevy Dealerships Today

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    Usually people associate the practice of checking new and used car dealerships for cars for sale to the summertime. The weather is more conducive for starters, and most people believe this to be the best time for potential deals and discounts. While all that is true to a certain extent, that shouldn’t deter you from checking out your local Chevy dealerships during the holiday and winter times.

    With over 200 million cars produced since 1912, Chevrolet is one of the most popular car brands in the world. In fact, they’re driven on roads in two-thirds of the world and one is sold somewhere every 6.5 seconds on average. If a new car or truck is something you’ve been fantasizing about f Continue Reading

    How Comfortable Is Your Airline Seat?

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    When you make your next airline reservation you will likely be concerned about two major points. The price of your ticket and the location of your seat assignment. While many travelers spend hours researching prices and seating options for their next upcoming flight, few if any of these passengers are actually concerned about the fabric that covers the seat they will purchase. Whether you are booking a short flight from Shreveport, Louisiana, to Dallas, Texas, or you are booking a long international flight from Omaha, Nebraska, to Sydney, Australia, ticket price and seat location are likely your only concerns. The fabric covering those seats, however, is the concern of an entire textile industry.
    Dymetrol fabric is a current choice by many seating engineers throughout the airline industry. A smooth Continue Reading

    You Don’t Have To Put Up With Old Car Smell, There’s a Simple Fix

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    A typical ounce of carpet dust will contain anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 dust mites. And if that sounds disgusting, we’ve got more bad news: your car can contain up to 17,000 times more bacteria than your home! Yes, 17,000 times more.
    If you’re struggling with that old car smell, then it’s almost certainly your carpets. You can try replacing the air conditioning filters and airing out the vehicles, but years of heavy use, inclement weather, and natural wear and tear get caked inside your car flooring and trunk mats. And if you’re a smoker or pet owner, the problem is 10 times worse.
    Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for all of these problems, one that will not only make your car look and smell like new, but one that will actually increase its resale value. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of this s Continue Reading

    5 Ways to Make Sure Your Kit Car Turns Out Perfecto

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    There are few things in life that are as rewarding as building your own dream muscle car for both road and track purposes. Using a replica car kit to build your own road and track vehicle will cost you pennies on the dollar of what the original vehicle costs. Not to mention, it gives you the opportunity to upgrade parts and create a custom roadster in ways that just cannot be purchased new. You will never find a classic Shelby Cobra with builtin GPS; but you can build one that looks just look the original, with a smart screen in the dashboard.

    Before you click “pay n Continue Reading

    Find the Car of Your Dreams On a Chevy or Subaru Lot

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    Looking for a new or used and reliable vehicle? Have you checked our your local Chevy car dealerships or Subaru car dealers? Both of these vehicles are great options for a family car and a car that’s bound to get great mileage, has stellar safety ratings, and excellent performance. Don’t believe me? Just talk to your local Chevy car dealerships or Subaru dealers. They get amazing online reviews and have proved their popularity by the number of them on the road. Did you know for example, that Chevrolets are being driven in 2/3 of the world? Subarus have become more popu Continue Reading

    How to Professionally Remove Car Dents

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    A vehicle is essentially a lighter version of a tank, minus the cannon of course — the body of your car is supposed to protect the passengers from the elements and danger. Just because something is functional doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice all aesthetic value, that’s why we car owners try to take such good care of our vehicles. Collisions and mechanical damage aside, there is nothing worse than finding a dent in your vehicle. Thankfully, many dents can be prevented or removed by expert technicians.

    Putting an End to Dings and Dents!

    According to statistics, roughly half of all car dents are not the fault of the vehicle driver. At least a third of all car dents occur when the vehicle owner pulls too far into a spot and open their door on a high curb, nearby Continue Reading