Don’t Get Stuck with a Lemon Three Tips for Buying a Used Car

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    Finding affordable used cars can be a great alternative to putting a lot of money into new car sales, whether you’re looking for something reliable for your high school grad or a cheap vehicle to get you around town for your errands. That said, you’re still likely to pay a few thousand dollars for a used car. If you’re not careful, you could waste that money on a lemon.

    What is a Lemon?
    If you’ve seen the 1996 film “Matilda,” or you’ve read the 1988 novel by Roald Dahl, you might remember that the father of the main character, one Mr.Wormwood, makes his living running a used car dealership. More specifically, Wormwood sells lemons, junker cars that have been fixed up just enough to seem l Continue Reading

    Where Can You Buy Quality Motorcycle Replacement Parts?

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    Your motorcycle is your pride and joy, a beautiful machine you enjoy riding around, and showing off to your friends. However, like any machine, it needs occasional maintenance, and sometimes requires a replacement part or two. But where can you buy motorcycle parts without paying an arm and a leg? If you know where to look, you’ll be able to find a reliable source for quality motorcycle parts.

    • Dealership – A motorcycle dealership is the most obvious place to get your replacement motorcycle parts and accessories, however, you will likely pay an arm and a leg for them.
    • Repair Shop – Continue Reading

    Subaru Care History from Local Subaru Dealers

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    Local Subaru dealers want to draw attention to their product. They want customers to come check out the Subaru inventory on their lots. Subaru dealers love to offer the following history about Subaru vehicles.

    In 1915, the parent company of Subaru, Fuji Heavy Industries was known as The Aircraft Research Laboratory. While local Subaru dealers are not trying to sell flying cars, they are selling a car that is practical and fun to drive. Made by a Japan-based automaker, most Subaru cars use a boxer engine layout. This engine design offers many benefits to ownership, including the safety of all wheel drive.

    Since the first Subaru model, called the Subaru 1500, Subaru car dealers have seen increased interest in the cars. For five y Continue Reading

    The Three Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Shipping a Car

    Ship car across country

    If you need to move a car and you’ve finally decided to have it shipped, the next step is to find the right car shipping company and actually have it shipped. Since you’re putting one of your most expensive and most relied upon purchases in their hands, you might be pretty stressed about it, so here are some of the worst things you can do when picking an auto shipping company and shipping your car to keep in mind.

    Not shopping around
    The first thing you’re going to do when you’re going to ship a car is also the first place you can start making mistakes. Like with any product or service, you need to shop around to see which of your potential car shipping companies is the most dependable Continue Reading

    How to Find the Right Auto Body Repair Shop for You

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    If you’ve been in an accident, you’re probably already not in a good mood. You’re probably scared, shaken up, and at worst, injured. The last thing you want to do is worry about which body repair shop you’re going to bring your car to, to get fixed, but unfortunately, that is a consideration that has to be made sooner rather than later. You need your car to get to work, run errands, etc. You can’t wait around and deal with it later.

    However, car body shops are here to help you. It’s they’re job to get your car fixed up right, so that you leave happy. However, some body repair shops have been known to take advantage of customers in an emotionally-charged state, and Continue Reading

    Two Reasons to Take Your Car to an Auto Repair Service Right Now

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    Did you know that 77% of vehicles are currently in need of maintenance or repair? As a result, it is important to visit an automotive repair service immediately. By doing so, you will be able to keep your vehicle working properly.

    – Auto repair services can perform nearly any maintenance task. Cars have countless moving parts, and any one of them can malfunction at any given time. For example, 15% of vehicles currently have contaminated or low power steering fluid, and 18% of vehicles have inadequate or dirty brake fluid. Additionally, whether you have manual transmissions, performance transmissions, or 4×4 transmissions, engine and transmission problems are also common. Unfortunately, these types of issues are more expensive than any other Continue Reading

    In the Market for a Pre-Owned Vehicle? Here’s What to Expect from Used Car Dealerships

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    Years ago, the phrased “used vehicles” made people wary, bringing to mind used car dealerships that sold bad cars — or “lemons.” The stereotype used to include a slick salesman who would do anything to get you to buy a car, and often they wouldn’t act in the buyer’s best interest.

    However, today this has changed, with even pricey brands like Lexus and BMW offering “certified pre owned vehicles” that have been thoroughly inspected for quality. And while some people may still shun the idea of buying pre owned vehicles, this is actually the way that most Americans find their vehicles. In 2012 alone, an estimated 40.5 million of all vehicles sold were used. And this doesn’t just mean buying a car from several years ago: many car dealerships make it possible to find cars that are between one Continue Reading

    The Top Three Routine Steps to Take to Maintain High Performance Car Parts

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    High performance parts are a joy to drive with, but not so much of a joy to take care of. Here are three ways you can care for your car that will keep your high performance parts for cars performing well and your vehicle running smoothly:

    1. Change Your Oil

    It is mentioned in every car manual, but that is simply because of how necessary it is: change your oil every three thousand miles. It is so crucial to reduce wear and tear on your car, whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. Your parts won’t last long without routine oil changes no matter how pricey they are. When you do so, make sure that you have your air hoses and fan belts checked for wear as well. Those aren’t necessarily oiled, but they Continue Reading

    Keep Safety in Mind When Choosing Motorcycle Parts Accessories

    Motorcycle safety tips for drivers

    Over the past ten years, the Bureau of Transportation reports more motorcycles. Riders of motorcycles face dangers on the road. Having the right motorcycle parts accessories can provide a safety net for a rider. Motorcycle safety tips for drivers include some of the following facts about motorcycle riding.

    Accident Prevention
    Nearly fifty percent of motorcycle crashes are because the motorcycle was struck by or hit another vehicle. With a thirty five percent greater chance of having an accident while on a motorcycle than when driving a car, safety is paramount. Good driving skills, like not tailgating a car while on a motorcycle, are one defense against accidents. But, motorcycle parts accessories, like custom helmets for motorcycles provide riders a way to express themselves, while also pr Continue Reading

    The Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Machine Tools

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    The earliest handcrafted machine tools date back to 1200 B.C.E., and have now become a ubiquitous part of manufacturing, woodworking and metalworking for operations of all sizes. A machine tool is a piece of equipment that bores, shears, grinds, cuts or otherwise shapes rigid materials such as metal or wood (early examples include the woodworking lathe and the potter’s wheel). But since most modern machine tools are powered electrically or hydraulically, and deal with harder materials and more precise demands, it’s necessary to care for them to make sure they stay in working order. Aside from simply paying for machine tool services (which will almost certainly be necessary at some point), here are a few tips regarding how to take care of your machine tool:

    1. Lube it up: < Continue Reading