Replacing Your Ball Joints? Here’s What You Should Know First

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    Ball joints are crucial components to the suspension and steering of your car. Before you can understand how to replace ball joints, it’s important to understand how they work.

    Ball joints attach to the wheel hub of your car where your wheel, tire, and the rest of your suspension is mounted. This area needs to rotate horizontally and vertically for both steering and shock absorption, so ball joints are employed to allow the system to move how it needs to.

    Cars have two or four ball joints on the front wheels depending on the strut style and whether or not shocks and springs are employed. Ball joints may be load-bearing or non-load bearing depending on their placement, so if you’re shopping for discount auto parts online or in a shop, make sure you know exactly what style you’re looking for. Continue Reading

    Three Ways Owning a Hybrid Can Save You Money

    Hybrid battery repair

    Though we’re coming out the economic recession of the last few years, Americans seem to have adopted a much more frugal sensibility. The overindulgence and lush lifestyles that were popular during the 80s and 90s have waned. These days, Americans are much more likely to be looking for deals and pinching pennies, especially when it comes to bigger and longer lasting expenses. If you’re in the market for a new car, here are three ways that owning a hybrid can save you money:

    Save money on gas
    One of the things that everyone knows about hybrid cars is that they have great fuel economy. Hybrid fuel economy is so impressive because the car runs from two Continue Reading

    Why You Deserve To Travel on a Charter Bus

    Charter buses

    Group trips can be pretty stressful at the very least — between organizing the travel plans, the hotel reservations, the day outings, making sure that no one gets left behind… one trip can quickly become an absolute nightmare for anyone in charge of the planning. So what’s one way to make it all just a little bit easier?

    Renting a charter bus isn’t something that most people automatically think to do, but it’s one thing that can make your group trip significantly less stressful. Although you’ve probably already heard about bus companies who sell individual tickets for pre-planned trips, you may not know that there are plenty of other services that offer charter bus rentals for private group trips. And these buses are nothing like those smelly old yellow school buses that brought you to and from school e Continue Reading

    Two Great Reasons to Use Car Auction Software


    Did you know that within just the first seven months of 2014, nearly 4.7 million cars were sold in the United States? Although buying and selling automobiles is common, these processes are often difficult. Fortunately, by using car auction software, buying and selling vehicles will be a breeze.

    – Buying. Auto auction software is designed to help buyers purchase vehicles more easily. In fact, buyers can view auctions in real-time using multiple camera angles, which means they can see everything they need in order to make an intelligent buying decision. Additionally, online auto auction software allows buyers to access multiple auctions via different platforms, such as desktop computers and mobile devices, which makes searching for and bidding on the perfect car more simple. As a result, buying the right vehicle has Continue Reading

    Learn How to Buy a Used Car

    Cars trade in value

    Used car shopping is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get — unless you know what you’re doing.

    An estimated 40.5 million used cars were bought and sold in the U.S. in 2012, while used car sales increased 4% from 2011 to 2012 as the recession is still taking it’s toll on the economy.

    Used car shopping doesn’t have to take place on Craigslist, nor does it have to involve you driving around town looking for cars in people’s front yards. Used car dealers are located in just about every town across America, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find what you’re looking for.

    Here are some tips on how to go used car shopping

    • First, decide on the type of car you want. Think about where in the country to live and what car is best for that environment. Check you ban Continue Reading

    Understanding the Benefits of Vehicle Transport

    Auto shippers

    Are you moving? Or perhaps you just purchased a gorgeous vintage car online? Or You’re headed to college and plan on flying, but need your car? Car shipping is one of the most cost effective and easy solutions for a long-distance move.

    About car shipping: Vehicle transport can be secured in a variety of ways. You can choose to either have your car shipped by itself (which may be more expensive) or have it shipped with other cars to save you some cash where shipping fees are concerned.

    If you choose to have your car shipped on a multicarrier, this could take a bit longer, but the rates are much less expensive. If you opt for an open carrier to transport your vehicle, understand that you are leaving your car exposed to the elements of the road. However, the odds of something happening t Continue Reading

    Find the Best Car–New or Used–for You

    Rochester car dealerships

    Are you searching for an excellent new vehicle with impressive features? Perhaps you are more in the market for a great value on a pre-owned car? Either way, there are plenty of options available, which can ensure that you find the best car to fit your situation.

    That said, there are many different considerations you’ll have to make when choosing the right automobile. One of the more significant considerations has to do with different car companies and the kinds of products they have to offer.

    For example, you may want to consider visiting local Subaru dealers to find out about what makes new Continue Reading

    Why Using an Online Car Auction to Sell Your Vehicles Makes Sense

    Gsa auto auction

    Do you buy, sell, and collect cars? Whether they’re vintage muscle cars, all-time classics, or simply dependable road warriors, you may find that the best, most convenient way to facilitate purchases of these vehicles is through online auto auction software.

    With dealer auto auctions like those set up by Openlane and other companies, you can conduct your business all in one online location, rather than spending additional time, energy, and resources to make your cars available for perusal and purchase by various customers on an individual basis. You will likely be able to reach out to more prospective buyers this way, taking advantage of Internet marketing techniques to drive traffic.

    Whether you use Openlane or some other service, there a Continue Reading

    Moving Soon Get A Local Moving Company

    The moving company

    A local moving company is a good option if you are planning to move in the near future. A moving company quote can give you an idea of how much it will cost to hire them. You can a find cheap moving company or even a long distance moving company. But if you are moving locally it is best to hire a local moving company. A full service moving company will be with you from the beginning to the end. They usually help you pack, move furniture, load the truck and unload. By hiring a local moving company you can leave everything unpacked that much longer and then it will be unpacked at your new home faster.

    When people move, often times that h Continue Reading